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Hole 54

Can you believe all this awesomeness was a giant hole not that long ago?

This week in Foggy Bottom: FoBo metro escalators suck (surprise) but might be getting better really, really soon;Square 54 is getting awesomer by the day; SweetGreen opens today but there’s a tinge of sour to go with that sweetness; GW may be greener than you thought.

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FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom: first shop at Square 54 opens up, an old favorite eatery closes, CaBi coming to a station near you (again), Asher Corson gets into a flame war on Vox Populi, Nero arrives at GW, it actually might be a crime to kill someone with a Metro bus, and parking pay by phone blossoms.

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FoBo in the News

FoBo Metro, all Wet! Via TBD

This week in Foggy Bottom: slight increase in thefts, bus extension, gender neutral housing at GW, and it’s raining underground!

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FoBo in the News

This week in FoBo: suspicious package, Circulator and BikeShare, voting, the West End Bistro is beautiful, and one Teabagger tries to defend all of them.

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Foggy Bottom Metro Congestion

Via UnsuckDCMetro

This week in FoBo: two things happened. ┬áThe metro sucked and we’re getting a Whole Foods. ┬áThat’s summer for you.

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