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Proposed condos and West End library. (Rendering: Eastbanc/TEN Arquitectos) Via DCist.

This week in Foggy Bottom: the new anti-university group has a formal coming out at the the FBA, FoBo wanted Mara overwhelmingly but got Orange instead, plans for the new West End library and firehouse revealed, Foggy Bottom: undead zone?, Charlie Sheen‘s not the only pampered celebrity, and GW athletic director Karl Hobbs gets the boot gets fired leaves gets canned ugh, he’s just gone, okay?

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FoBo in the News

This week in FoBo: rent DVDs on your commute, Spring Fling returns to Foggy Bottom, historic designations in FoBo, and could students make a spot for themselves in neighborhood groups?

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GWHatchet: What is the World Coming To?!

Can’t a teenager get so drunk they have to go to the hospital without other people getting all judgemental?!

I laughed particularly hard at the line about how “you wouldn’t treat your grandparents like that.” ¬†Well, if grandma was getting wheeled out of a college dorm because she had drank too much jungle juice and jello shots, maybe I just would.

Third Edition, The Hatchet, etc.

Okay, I’m pretty late on this. But bros-in-training bar Third Edition had its liquor license temporarily suspended in August “following multiple violations of its security plan and voluntary agreement after a felony assault occurred on the property in February.”

With this in mind, let’s examine sophomore Hatchet columnist Kelsey Rohwer’s column on the importance of hearing the word “no” while still in college.

Granted, not all my choices were the right ones. For example, not having dinner and then going to Thirds didn’t really pan out so well, but the decisions were still mine, and my answer was always yes.”

Is she referring to Third Edition here? As an Old who has no love for a man in a striped button-up, I’m not sure, but I think probably yes. So, here’s a pro-tip, y’all: Keep your sources of illegal under-aged drinking out of publications, because they probably have enough trouble as it is.

FoBo in the News


This week in FoBo: GW students return, Hatchet tries to scare parents; UPD chief reaches out to community; students living in condos? madness!; jumps on the “FoBo Metro Stinks!” bandwagon; Rhee rocks.

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