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This week in Foggy Bottom: bees on GW roofs, FoBo 20′s style, how to beat an 83-year old woman and not get punished, so much awesome opening soon, Kris Hart: WINNING.

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FoBo in the News

Proposed condos and West End library. (Rendering: Eastbanc/TEN Arquitectos) Via DCist.

This week in Foggy Bottom: the new anti-university group has a formal coming out at the the FBA, FoBo wanted Mara overwhelmingly but got Orange instead, plans for the new West End library and firehouse revealed, Foggy Bottom: undead zone?, Charlie Sheen‘s not the only pampered celebrity, and GW athletic director Karl Hobbs gets the boot gets fired leaves gets canned ugh, he’s just gone, okay?

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FoBo in the News

This week in FoBo:  a student died at GW, the most expensive apartments in FoBo can still be more affordable than GW housing, a new daily-deal site that focuses on FoBo and friends, and technology is awesome.

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GW Students: Let Us Sleep in or Give Us $12,000

Maybe this can be next year's summer reading assignment.

I’ve gotten a few tips on student complaints of construction noise at the location of the new Marriott in the vicinity of the 1959 E Street dorm.  I was planning on ignoring them because “people complaining about construction noise in a city” isn’t all that interesting.  But then I read this article in today’s GW Hatchet:

Residents of the 1959 E Street residence hall who are fed up with noise from a nearby construction site met with GW officials Friday evening, demanding a full refund for their housing costs due to what they described as unlivable conditions.

According to the article, that means they’re asking for GW to reimburse up to $12,600 because there’s loud construction noise for several weeks starting at 7am – of course, they’d continue living there, they just don’t want to pay.  The students claim that the noise makes the dorm unlivable. It’s worth noting that GW is in no way connected to the construction that’s going on.

I understand that students think 7am is an ungodly early hour, and nobody likes construction noise, but city ordinances allow noise to occur as early as 7am for a reason: almost everyone else in the working world is up around that time anyway.

My favorite was student quote from the article was a student saying that she’s worried about her grades, and that the noise could somehow effect her ability to study.  I doubt that these students are upset that they can’t study in silence in their dorm at 7am. And if they do want to study at 7am, they can go to Gelman Library.

If students really think the dorm is unlivable, why not campaign for the right to move out and have a prorated refund?  Probably because 1) it doesn’t make it unlivable, it makes it un-sleep-in-able, and 2) the loud early morning noise is scheduled only to occur for several weeks.

The suggestions for solution here are a bit funny in their lopsidedness too.  Students say: give us $12,600.  GW says: try going to bed earlier.

You can find their facebook group here.

FoBo in the News

Metro Map

Metro Closure Map via GGW

This week in Foggy Bottom: a flailing pan handler grabbed the wrong guy, and FoBo escalators were shut down as a result; everyone’s favorite Christians show up at the White House to protest… everything; rape near Washington Circle; GW students use the Vern shuttle as their own personal puke buckets; mama’s got a squeeze box, so daddy don’t sleep at night; and Metro will be totally shut down between Foggy Bottom and Federal Triangle for the holiday weekend.

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