FoBo Feed News: Rivers at the Watergate

Rivers is a new restaurant in the Watergate complex, right across the street from the Kennedy Center, taking over the location of Restaurant 600. (600 New Hampshire NW).

The menu is going to rotate seasonally, and is American contemporary with a touch of Southern, under the hand of head chef Michael Smithson. DC eaters might know him from Prime Rib and Ruth’s Chris, but Rivers offers an assortment of proteins rather than specializing in just steak.

The prime location, right next to the Kennedy Center, makes Rivers the perfect place for the pre-show dinner to take your family to this Parents’ Weekend. But what sets Rivers apart from other pre-show options is that it’s open late: you can just as easily pop in for a post-show meal. The menu has a 3 course Prix Fixe menu from 5 to close every night, giving all diners a deal, rather than just the early birds. The kitchen is open until 11 on weekdays and midnight on weekends.

The patio is currently open, though don’t expect a great view of the Potomac — yet. The landscaping is scheduled, so eventually there will be a lovely river view.

Because Rivers is a bit on the pricey side ($25-35 per dinner entree), I asked restaurant manager Matt Millage if there would be anything He recommends stopping by for the weekday happy hour — $5 hamburgers and inexpensive drinks should fit right into the student or young professional’s budget. Bonus: the bar is a piano bar, so you can be serenaded at a reasonable price.

Below the cut are some photos of their opening celebration cocktail party last Thursday. Photos are courtesy of sometimes correspondent Mallory Thompson.


Pickles Pulls the Plug – The Weekly Spread

It was bound to happen. Pickles has officially run out of juice. As in energy to date, not the lead-in to a refractory period. This isn’t because I haven’t enjoyed dating, or because I’ve had a particularly negative experience in the past couple months. Frankly, I’m tired of the repetition. Take Monday, for example. I hadn’t been on an actual date in a while, but this guy started talking to me on OkCupid and suggested we “meet up” for happy hour. I obliged, but fifteen minutes into this lurid encounter in a Foggy Bottom watering hole, I started having deja vu. It didn’t take long for me to realize why.

See why....

Weekday Roundup

I hope everyone out there is remembering to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate in this heat, lest they dry up and blow away.

Maybe try some of this week's happy hours.

Pickles Joins the Plastics – The Weekly Spread

Unless you live in Southeast, you probably knew that this past weekend was the climactic orgy of events known as Pride. Although I didn’t participate in any of this year’s funtivities, I did find myself with a new group of friends by the end of the weekend.

A casual acquaintance invited me out to 17th and Gay for happy hour on Friday night, and I begrudgingly complied. Once there I was introduced to his “clique,” a truly eclectic bunch of people from all age groups (but lily-white, in typical DC segregationist style). After being kicked out of both Remington’s and a super-exclusive posse of Arlington gays, I’m pretty cautious and suspicious when it comes to meeting new gays.


FoBo in the News

skate skate skate

This week was quiet.  The metro sucked, a roadskating crew stops in, and the outdoor sculpture exhibit gets a little bit of love.  Did I miss anything?  Let me know in the comments.

Just a little bit of news inside.