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This week in FoBo: Founding Farmers gets a food review a person makes sounds about Founding Farmers, the Circulator removes FoBo stops, Square 54 growing up strong, historic conservationists don’t want change, GW preemptively worries about noise, and Michael Brown is not Michael Brown.

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Crime Report — Interns Get Drunk, Lose Stuff

The crimelog is always a fun read when it’s full of the silly antics of college students.  (Remember the time students got their phones stolen, but somehow got pictures of it happening?)  So what was UPD’s report from June?  A smaller population means less reports of crime overall, and an influx of baby interns means an increase in alcohol violations and theft.

What’s really fun to look through is the crime map the Hatchet compiled with 10 crimes highlighted — the most comically infuriating are the multiple stories that seem to point to GW cleaning staff and the story of the bike thief caught red handed, but who apparently wasn’t charged due in part to the fact that he threatened to harm himself.  wat.

Tom Colicchio Pics and Vid [Eatin' Fresh]

Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio spoke at last week’s Farmers’ Market.  If you missed it, you can can check out pics and a video here after the jump.  The Hatchet also covered it:

“What do you want to eat?” Colicchio asked the audience. “If you are what you eat, we’re going to turn into a bunch of chemicals and overly processed nonsense. Go out and find your local farmer, support your local farmer and just eat something that’s better for you.”

Colicchio is in D.C. filming “Top Chef,” which uses ingredients from farms across the country.

The event was hosted by the Progressive Policy Institute, a public policy group specializing in helping the environment.

We were pretty excited to see that this guy actually just looks pissed off all the time, and it’s not just for TV.  Check out more photos, and a short video of Tom speaking after the jump.

The Jump...

FoBo in the News

This week the Historic Preservation Review Board considered granting historic landmark designation to five GW-campus apartment buildings and one office/studio, what appears to be a step-forward in GW’s greater plan of creating a special historic district around their FoBo campus. (DCMud)

The ANC is set to spend up to $3000 opposing a proposed nightclub near 21st and K.  The reason: the owner’s other club, located next door, has “plagued the neighborhood with noise, public urination and vomiting.”  Our ANC must hate Thurston Hall. (Washington Business Journal, GW Hatchet)

Late night metro riders heading out of Foggy Bottom dealt with routine track maintenance delays. (Get There)

The ANC also voted to support the contractor EastBanc, Inc.’s plans to redevelop the West End library and the fire station. The ANC seems to be impressed with the ample parking and lower density aspects of EastBanc’s plan.  It’s not like there’s a metro just a couple blocks away, even if it does have delays. (GW Hatchet)

Total FoBo Crime Down, Violent Crime Up

Here’s some sort-of encouraging news from the Hatchet (emphasis added):

This year, total crime in the Police Service Area 207, which encompasses the Foggy Bottom campus, is down by 6 percent from the same time period last year, according to the MPD crime-mapping Web site. The drop has been primarily seen in property crimes like thefts, stolen cars and arson, which are down by 9 percent, according to the MPD crime map. Violent crimes, which include robberies, assaults and sex abuse, are up by 25 percent in the 207 area. Since the beginning of the school year, there have been 10 such crimes, according to crime map data.

While it’s good to know that we’ve all got less of a chance of having our property stolen or set on fire (there’s been a drop in arson? really? we have actual arson rates in FoBo?), it’ s a little disturbing to hear that violent crimes like assault and sex abuse are up a whopping 25%.  I’m sure putting it in terms of percentage probably makes the increase seem more dramatic, since it’s likely a relatively uncommon thing in our neighborhood, but still. 25%? Really?!  I wonder what percentage of that increase the Thurston Perv alone accounts for, not to mention the Hammer-wielding Nutjob.

On a different note — the Hatchet interviewed a panhandler in the area for his views on crime.  His response was that he thought the cops were doing a better job since there were less homeless people on the street.  Is this just some bizarre, lazy journalism, or is it out-of-the-box thinking to find a new angle? I can’t decide.  It’s weird, either way.