Humday Sales

So I’ve left the chilly prison that is Foggy Bottom for the hols — y’all might have noticed that posting has been light, but we promise to ramp up the action by the New Year.

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Humpday Sales

It’s sooooo nice outside that I’m using big letters.

So it's the perfect time to purchase an electric fireplace..

Humpday Sales

Craigslist in FoBo is pretty unimpressive this week, dear readers, but I’ve tried my best. Mostly I’m upset because someone deleted their posting for free golden mystery snails. Yeah.

Gigs, shoes, whatever, inside.

Humpday Sales

Well, glad the good weather held out.

Some good geek things inside, and an Apex missed connection!.

Humpday Sales

Things found on Craigslist today are sporty and active, so if you are athletic, you might be interested in this stuff. Missed Connections this week range from hilarious to darkly hilarious to self-effacing to sort of creepy, but they are almost all winners.

If you're into X-treme sports or Dream Theater, get pumped..