Weekend Metro Track Work Comes to Foggy Bottom

I hope no one was planning on going into Virginia this weekend, because if they do they’ll have to travel part of the way by bus. And that’s even more inconvenient than a normal weekend Metro schedule (by normal, we mean the inevitable single tracking frustration).

Buses will take the place of trains that run from Foggy Bottom to Court House (Orange Line) and between Foggy Bottom and Pentagon (Blue Line). Don’t even think about checking out Arlington Cemetery or Rossyln, because those stations are closed.

The track work begins at 10 pm tonight (Friday), so make sure you’ve planned for that in your evening plans.


Battle of the Orange Line: The Metro Stations

Part of a series leading up to The Battle of the Orange Line between GW and GMU in men’s basketball on December 2, 2009. We’ll be breaking down the rivalry in the coming days. Today: the metro stop.

We know all about FoBoMetro. Sure it breaks sometimes, but it’s so centrally located! You can get to the White House, State Department, GW, Georgetown, and (most importantly) Smitty Cent. But what about the metro station for George Mason? We all know that GMU is working hard to try and drop the label of commuter school, so surely they have some great public transport for those living in the area and wanting to go to hoops games. Right?

Wrong. The Patriot Center’s website recommends using the Vienna/Fairfax stop on the Orange Line. A quick Google maps search reveals a nearly 5 1/2 mile walk. Along highways. Good luck with that. So I think it’s already fairly obvious that the FoBoMetro wins out on convenience (plus, we’ve got the blue line).

But how can we do this more objectively. How about walk score that tells us how “walkable” an address is? A quick check of the addresses reveals Foggy Bottom with a score of 100 (in a scale of 100). Vienna/Fairfax? 57. That looks like a good final basketball score to me. Put it on the board, one point Foggy Bottom/GWU.



Better Cell Phone Coverage coming to FoBo Metro!

Looks like some long awaited improvements to cell phone coverage in the Metro are finally about to happen.

Via DCist:

The first step will involve installing broader cell phone service, which will work for Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel, AT&T and T-Mobile customers, in the 20 busiest underground Metro stations. That work actually begins this weekend, and is expected to be up and running by Friday, October 16.

And yes, Foggy Bottom is included in that list of top 20 busiest underground stations.

No big deal? Or just another reason to finally switch to an iPhone?  Tell us in the comments.