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I think the happy hour is actually more for the people than the dogs...

This week in Foggy Bottom: El Chalan’s awesomeness is revered city-wide, pay to park by phone a success, stinky stinky Georgetown, and DOGGY HAPPY HOUR.

Our favorite Peruvian restaurant El Chalan gets a lot of love over at Prince of Petworth. I don’t care what the commentariat says, I love the Anticuchos de Corazon!

The pay-by-phone pilot parking program in Foggy Bottom will expand to the rest of the city’s parking meters.  The catch?  It’ll cost 35 cents extra each time you use it!

It wasn’t that long ago that the putrescent smells of Georgetown would carry on the wind and gag State Dept. officials here in Foggy Bottom.  Who knew?

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Doggy happy hours at the Watergate?!?! That’s right, dog owners can now enjoy “Yappie” hour with their pets.  One part booze, one part adorable, total awesome.

First Lady MO had lunch in Foggy Bottom at the Blue Duck Tavern recently, with her lady friends, evidently.

American Thinker Disses MObama’s Speech

If there’s one thing that GWU students love, it’s bragging about how many awesome politicos they got to see during their tenures at the University. This past year also proved that GWU students don’t mind putting in the man hours to get earn a prestigious speaker. Unlike many universities, the George Washington University doesn’t hand out wads of cash to pull in big names. Sometimes this leads to fiascos like the 2004 Trachtenberg + 4 other people who included Wolf Blitzer commencement disaster. Sometimes, though, it helps highlight the power that college students really have to help.

It should be impossible to attend a school like GWU and be unaware of the enormous amount of privilege you hold to get there. To be able to attend a four year university with a fairly good national reputation, to pay for its exorbitant cost, and then to live and work around the DC area, all of those things don’t happen by accident. It’s a mixture of hard work, good luck, and possible (probable) help by being privileged, in any number of ways, that get you there. Some students might have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, but most probably had a little help from the structural inequalities that exist in America. That’s not a judgment on anyone, it’s simply the way things are.

FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s speech to the graduating class of 2010, as she accepted an honorary doctorate in public service, was an inspiring screed to the students to keep using their privilege for good in the world. GW students logged in 163,980 hours of service, beating her request of 100,000 hours, and showing that GWU students are aware of their unique position in the world to help others. She urged students to “Keep going. Keep giving. Keep engaging,” and most of the reactions were positive. After all, these are the students that wanted to make a difference.

Not all the reactions were positive though....

FoBo in the News

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This week in the news: GW graduation, a tragic student death, an ancient main, and vapid, vapid people drinking at …. McFaddens!

It's all true. I swear. (Keep reading).

Humpday Sales

Tickets for the FLOTUS, Dave Brubeck, and Gaga! Love at Lisner, HelWell, and the Metro!

Also a telescope.

FoBo in the News

Via the GW Hatchet: A mourner on Wednesday morning at a vigil near where the pedestrian was killed.

This week in FoBo: a pedestrian in Washington Circle was killed by an SUV driver, new food options in FoBo (kinda/almost), G-Dubbers do some self-back-patting, the Farmers’ Market returns,  and Foggy Bottom could be part of summer street festivals!

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