Missing Person in Foggy Bottom

UPDATE: He was found safe and sound.  He left on his own accord.

Posters are up around Foggy Bottom and a message was sent to the Foggy Bottom Alert list regarding Matt Hill, who was last seen on Tuesday, May 24th.  If you have any information, you are encouraged to call the police immediately. Included in the message to the Foggy Bottom Alert was this information from Hill’s friend, Kasey:

My friend Matt Hill has been missing for over 72 hours.  We have strong reason to believe he was the victim of a crime in Foggy Bottom.  Please see the attached flyer as well as the information I have copied and pasted in this email.

Thank you so much for your help.  To say that it is out of his character to be missing is an enormous understatement.  Something has happened to our friend.  Please help us get the word out.

Matt Hill - Missing Person


Matthew (Matt) Alan Hill

6 feet tall
170 lbs.
White male, blue eyes
Dirty blond/light brown hair
Carrying  a navy/gray JanSport backpack

Last seen: Tuesday, May 24th at 10:30am
Last seen driving: 1996 Black Honda Civic LX
DC Plate #: DT-2747

Please Call:
Officer McLean (Metro Police): 202-730-1903
Holger Hill (Father): 704-839-9699

There’s more information here and the Facebook group is here.  The last time we heard about a missing person in Foggy Bottom was in 2009, with Royal Gethers.  We hope that Matt returns safely.

FoBo in the News

This week in Foggy Bottom: Metro closed over MLK Jr. Day Weekend, more pizza (!), more bikes (?), more police (?), and more students (?).  It’s all inside.

Some of us are planning on being more productive than others during the 3-day MLK Jr. weekend.  Metro, for example,  is replacing track switches, escalators and elevators, and improving cell phone service in Foggy Bottom!  That means the Foggy Bottom Metro station will be closed from 10pm Friday through Monday.  Good luck navigating.

Of course, you can avoid Metro altogether if you sign up for a Capital Bikeshare account.  It looks like there may be a new CaBi station at the FoBo Metro, too.  (Right now, there’s a pretty big station about one block away, by the TGI Fridays.)

When the FoBo Metro does reopen, you can expect an increased police presence.  The GW Hatchet reports it’s a response to an increase in crime — but fails to give any real numbers.  So, a 56% increase from the last year in burglaries could mean 14 more burglaries.  Or it could mean 98 more burglaries.  My bet is 56% is a larger number than the actual amount of burglaries.  Either way, I guess MPD didn’t want to get showed up by local superheroes.

New pizza coming to K Street will have to compete with the “Best Pizza Ever” in Foggy Bottom.

Will GW’s population cap be lifted by Gray?  (And do you think that’s a good idea?)

FoBo in the News

This week:  FoBoBlo solves the phone-snatching robbery problem, the FBA wants your help cleaning up the Potomac, and a local news editor shares his insight.


Total FoBo Crime Down, Violent Crime Up

Here’s some sort-of encouraging news from the Hatchet (emphasis added):

This year, total crime in the Police Service Area 207, which encompasses the Foggy Bottom campus, is down by 6 percent from the same time period last year, according to the MPD crime-mapping Web site. The drop has been primarily seen in property crimes like thefts, stolen cars and arson, which are down by 9 percent, according to the MPD crime map. Violent crimes, which include robberies, assaults and sex abuse, are up by 25 percent in the 207 area. Since the beginning of the school year, there have been 10 such crimes, according to crime map data.

While it’s good to know that we’ve all got less of a chance of having our property stolen or set on fire (there’s been a drop in arson? really? we have actual arson rates in FoBo?), it’ s a little disturbing to hear that violent crimes like assault and sex abuse are up a whopping 25%.  I’m sure putting it in terms of percentage probably makes the increase seem more dramatic, since it’s likely a relatively uncommon thing in our neighborhood, but still. 25%? Really?!  I wonder what percentage of that increase the Thurston Perv alone accounts for, not to mention the Hammer-wielding Nutjob.

On a different note — the Hatchet interviewed a panhandler in the area for his views on crime.  His response was that he thought the cops were doing a better job since there were less homeless people on the street.  Is this just some bizarre, lazy journalism, or is it out-of-the-box thinking to find a new angle? I can’t decide.  It’s weird, either way.

Wanted: Hammer-Wielding Nutjob (Suspect)

MPD has, via the GW listservs, emailed out a modern day Wanted poster for the hammer-wielding nutjob suspected of attacking a GW student in Duques earlier this month.

Hammer Attacker Suspect Mohammed N. Niazi

Hammer Attacker Suspect Mohammed N. Niazi

Keep your eyes peeled, fellow FoBoians.