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This week in FoBo:  a student died at GW, the most expensive apartments in FoBo can still be more affordable than GW housing, a new daily-deal site that focuses on FoBo and friends, and technology is awesome.

All inside.

FoBo in the News

If you don't think this is funny, you can't be my friend.

This week in FoBo: GW students want a diner, Obama invades FoBo, MST3K is gonna be awesome live, and escalator problems get inspected.


The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy Friday.  It’s looking to be the first real autumnal weekend of the year.  Enjoy!

But first, a video of spiritual discernment – proving that Obama is the anti-christ, of course.


FoBo in the News

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This week in FoBo: Foggy Bottom takes a stand against jay-walking, FoBo once was so much preppier, somebody really hates the Colonials, FoBo fantasy, Wi-Fi on the Mall, and noms.

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FoBo in the News

Get out of the kitchen! They hunt in pairs!

This week a real escalator specialist stops in FoBo, travellers looking for tips, pretty pics, FoBo big-wig SJT stirs up a storm, runners chasing down cancer, and Julia Roberts.

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