The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Let it all out in the open thread today.  First, a parrot dances to that hair whipping song.


The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy Friday!  Check out this video, and then leave a comment telling us what you’re doing for the weekend.

Chat away!.

The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy Friday everyone.  It is hot!  But not in our open thread!

Just so you know: open threads are for you to leave a comment on literally anything you’d like.  For realz.  It’s super easy.

Now let's get uncomfortable with each other...

The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy holiday weekend everyone!  We hope you get completely, ridiculously full of hot dogs and American brewed beers and then start playing with beautiful explosives if at all possible.  Let us know your plans in this week’s open thread.

Tell us all about it.

The Friday wat. [Open Thread]

Happy Friday!  We’re in the full swing of summer now — so the only question is: how are you enjoying your summer weekend?

First, a Friday wat. video….

Boomchakalamekonaka dee deee laaa I LOVE YOU.