Tom Colicchio Pics and Vid [Eatin' Fresh]

Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio spoke at last week’s Farmers’ Market.  If you missed it, you can can check out pics and a video here after the jump.  The Hatchet also covered it:

“What do you want to eat?” Colicchio asked the audience. “If you are what you eat, we’re going to turn into a bunch of chemicals and overly processed nonsense. Go out and find your local farmer, support your local farmer and just eat something that’s better for you.”

Colicchio is in D.C. filming “Top Chef,” which uses ingredients from farms across the country.

The event was hosted by the Progressive Policy Institute, a public policy group specializing in helping the environment.

We were pretty excited to see that this guy actually just looks pissed off all the time, and it’s not just for TV.  Check out more photos, and a short video of Tom speaking after the jump.

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Photos: Kathy Griffin at Borders

Did you know Kathy Griffin did a book signing at Borders yesterday? I didn’t either, since she tweeted a lot about signing at Barnes & Nobles, and then I forgot about it. Sorry, dear readers. However, intrepid readers and sometimes contributors Amanda Notarangelo and Ryan sent us their snapshots. It took them three hours to meet her, but she was apparently very gracious and happy to meet with her fans. If you’re sad you missed out, you can still spend an evening with Kathy at the DAR Constitution Hall tonight or Saturday night. Tickets are still available for either show.

2 photos under here.

Zombies: The Zombiepocolypse will be 30 minutes late.

They politely waited for the cross signal.The zombie flash mob on Saturday turned out only about 10% of the zombies I had expected based on their Facebook page just before the event, and they kind of got off to a late start — but it was fun following them around the city as they lurched through crosswalks, threw themselves against store windows, and spooked tourists.  They evidently swarmed the Real World house too.  Highlights were: zombie dog, zombie kids, bored zombies waiting to get going already, zombies on phones, and zombie conversations.  Something about a group of zombies deciding whether to get on the metro by growling “traiiiiiins!!!! traaaaains!!!” and “nooooooooooo traaaaaaains!!” back and and forth while stiffly waving their arms around is completely hilarious.

Click through for a few photos of DC’s most recent zombie invasion.

Pictures here!.

Can you shoot something for us? [FoBoBlo Foto]

photo by Fernando Felix

Let’s get right to it: we need images, you have talent.  We want to have some cool images to go with our content, and we also want to be able to occasionally feature some of the awesome photos we just know a bunch of you have stored away in your hard drives or in your flickr accounts.  We want you to whip out your talent and show us what you got!

In short, we’d like you to join our flickr group, tag your photos “FoBoBlo,” and take pictures of pretty much everything in the FoBo. If you’re a frequent reader of DCist, this should sound familiar to you.  Follow me after the jump to get the full rundown on our flickr group rules.