How do you read FoBoBlo? [Polls]

The internet is a great place to work.  It’s an even better place to keep up to date on your local neighborhood (ahem.)  We want to know how you keep up to date with us here at FoBoBlo.  Vote in our poll to let us know!

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Have you eaten at FoBoGro? [Polls]

I grabbed a tasty roast beef sandwich (The Brewster) from FoBoGro’s sandwich shop yesterday for lunch.  Twice as big as  I expected, it was probably the highest quality sandwich I’ve ever gotten in FoBo.  We’re likely to do a full FoBo Feed on the joint later, but for now let us know if you’ve tried a sandwich from the brand new FoBoGro.

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Last Chance to Win Best Blog

Look at the Winner!

We want to be a winner like him!

If you haven’t voted already, we implore you go vote now!

Washington City Paper’s asking for the best local blog in 2010, and they’re especially looking for newcomers.  That link does the legwork for you, so just enter in your email address!

Voting ends tonight at 11:59pm — so vote now! And tell your friends.

Help FoBoBlo Win “Best Local Blog”


Winning this would be better than winning a hug-able trophy!

If you haven’t already voted for us in Washington City Paper’s “Best of 2010″ poll, please head over there and vote now!

Follow the link to enter for “Best Local Blog/Blogger” under the “People & Places” category.

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They close their polls on Monday, March 15th at 11:59pm — which means there’s only one week left to make Foggy Bottom famous for it’s super-hip web presence.  And after you vote, tell your family, tell your friends, tell your enemies! Oh God we want this.

Metro Fare Hike: So-So or Oh-Woe! [Polls]

With Metro’s recent fare hike, a lot of us are spending just that little bit more each day so we can get to work one of the cleanest, safest, most efficient ways possible.  Does it get you all riled up that you’ve got to pay more, or are you a driver full of schadenfreude? Vote in our Poll!.