FoBo in the News

This week we’re bringing you a news round up for all things FoBo.  We’ve got FoBo holding on to post offices, the FoBo Shore, crazy old men, and pony parties.  Miss something?  Let us know.


The Foggy Bottom Association reports that rumors of the Watergate Post Office closing may have been just that, rumors. (PDF)
(Also check that link to read about how Trader Joe’s will be giving shoppers a 5 Cent credit for each reusable bag they bring with them.)

Thomas Friedman may have been at Lisner last night, but Tuesday night at McFaddens got more people excited, as Jersey Shore’s Pauly D and J-Woww made an appearance.  Though some reported disappointment after finding out all too late that sold-out VIP tickets were required to actually chill with the Jersey celebs. (Though our very own Rich managed to get a high-five from Pauly-D without any such ticket.)

GW students weren’t the only ones with an off-kilter Haiti message, Pat Roberton’s “deal-with-the-devil” comments brought back memories of craziness past, like the time he suggested dropping a nuke on Foggy Bottom.

We really wish that there were Pony Parties in our Foggy Bottom as well.