Snow: 3, GW: 0

Once again GW has succumbed to the wintry nastiness we’re trying to muck through.

Classes are cancelled, and only designated employees need to show up to GW Tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 9.

We hope you all make good use of tomorrow — we’d say happy sno-day, but at this point I’d say we’re all suffering from snow fatigue.  If we get blasted with the full 20 inches possible on Tuesday-Wednesday, this snowpocolypse might just keep going, and going, and going…..

Snoverkill, Snomageddon, Sno Freaking Way! [snOMG]

We’ve been pretty good about not filling up our pages with post after post of snow coverage so far, but man, can you believe that the 5-10 inch storm watch has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning with estimates of 10-20 inches for Tues-Wed?!


While I enjoy a good snow day as much as anybody — this seems to be, well, snoverkill. Yeah?

Snow: 2, GWU: 0

This weekend’s Snowtorious BIG (my whole body just involuntarily shuddered) has defeated the notoriously snow-day resistant GWU yet again (Snowpocalypse ’09 saw GWU canceling the last day of final exams). All classes Monday, February 8th, are canceled.

If you don’t have any Monday classes, then you can hope & pray the snow forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday will be as ludicrous as this weekend’s.

Snowball Fight at University Yard Tomorrow [snOMG]

Snowball CatHundreds of people are planning to attend a massive snowball fight at GW’s University Yard tomorrow starting at 2pm around 4pm.

The Facebook event calls for “No Cheap shots, no rocks, no face shots.”  We assume that means no guns too.

Let us know if you go!  We’d love to see your pics, hear your stories.

If you’re looking for an even bigger snowball fight, there are more than 1500 people planning to attend a Dupont Circle fight as well.  Though I’m not sure if that sounds crazy or fun…

GW Closed Monday, Dec. 21 [snOMG]

Good news for any of you GW employees reading our blog tonight instead of checking your own email.

Via the GW InfoMail system:

The George Washington University will be closed Monday, Dec. 21, 2009. Designated employees should report to work. All other employees need not report.

The snowpocalypse of 2009 continues!  Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow, GW staff.  For those of you who live in FoBo too, get on out and enjoy the snow, take some pictures of your fluffy white liberator (and share them!)