Snow More or No More? [Polls]

The Snoverkill storm system predicted to drop another 6-16 or 10-20 inches (depending on who you ask) has yet to arrive, but there are still plenty of people stuck at home today from the last big storm, including the federal government! ¬†We’ve already gotten more snow this winter than the past four combined — are you ready for more?

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Snoverkill, Snomageddon, Sno Freaking Way! [snOMG]

We’ve been pretty good about not filling up our pages with post after post of snow coverage so far, but man, can you believe that the 5-10 inch storm watch has been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning with estimates of 10-20 inches for Tues-Wed?!


While I enjoy a good snow day as much as anybody — this seems to be, well, snoverkill. Yeah?