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This week in Foggy Bottom: slight increase in thefts, bus extension, gender neutral housing at GW, and it’s raining underground!

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FoBo in the News

Hillary Clinton Reacts to news of Students Returning

Hillary Clinton reacts when we remind her that students are coming back next week.

This week in Foggy Bottom: FoBo metro pretty much just has stairs at this point, new GW UPD Chief (preceded by students) this fall, Georgetown and GW rivalry is revisited, the State Department confuses local realtors, and something about the Real Housewives of DC … maybe.

The News inside!.

Crime Report — Interns Get Drunk, Lose Stuff

The crimelog is always a fun read when it’s full of the silly antics of college students.  (Remember the time students got their phones stolen, but somehow got pictures of it happening?)  So what was UPD’s report from June?  A smaller population means less reports of crime overall, and an influx of baby interns means an increase in alcohol violations and theft.

What’s really fun to look through is the crime map the Hatchet compiled with 10 crimes highlighted — the most comically infuriating are the multiple stories that seem to point to GW cleaning staff and the story of the bike thief caught red handed, but who apparently wasn’t charged due in part to the fact that he threatened to harm himself.  wat.

FoBo in the News

Happy Friday, all.  We hope your bosses are wise and you’re reading this from home (or still lounging in bed even!)  But before you can really start your snow-filled weekend, you’ve got to wrap up the week!

This week, FoBo gets a little more historical, prepares for a fake bomb, and more! Continue reading...

Man Flashes GW Girls on Bike

A bike-riding man flashed his junk at several groups of girls at GW this week, at least twice on Monday, then again on Wednesday — making this officially the most weinerful week FoBo has seen in a long time. GWPD (the apparently new acronym for UPD) reports that the suspect is an approximately 20-something-year old hispanic male wearing jeans and a (possibly) khaki jacket.

From that description, our best guess is that the guy looked something like Rick Astley, but hispanic. And on a bike.

Gonna get dick-rolled.

Watch out. You don't want to get dick-rolled.

This isn’t quite as scary as a hammer-wielding nutjob, but I do wonder why it took GWPD all week to send out  a message about these incidents.

Full GW InfoMail message below the cut.

Click to see full report.