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This week in FoBo: suspicious package, Circulator and BikeShare, voting, the West End Bistro is beautiful, and one Teabagger tries to defend all of them.

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Go out and Vote!

Today’s the big day to vote!  I’ve already been out this morning to cast my ballot (surprisingly quick!) FoBoBlo doesn’t make any official endorsements, but we still think you should get out there today and vote!

You’ve got to be registered with the party whose candidates you’d like to vote for — so if you’re voting for Fenty or Gray, you’ve got to be a Democrat (or at least register as one.)

As DCist says:

If you’re not registered, fear not — the District allows you to register the day of. Any questions you may have about voting are best answered by our primer and the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics.

So we want to know: did you vote?

Did you vote in DC?

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Vote Camp Kesem to win $250k

Foggy Bottom based Camp Kesem GW, a branch of Camp Kesem National, is up to win some serious cash with your help.  The non-profit works to provide kids whose parents have or have had cancer with a real summer camp experience. Often these kids never get a real chance to just relax, have fun, and be kids — Camp Kesem works to let these kids have the opportunity to, at least for one week, be kids.

Camp Kesem National is currently competing in the Pepsi Refresh competition to win a $250,000 grant from Pepsi if they are one of the top two vote getters by May 30th. They’re in 21st place right now and have 20 more days to make it to the top. If CKN gets a grant, Camp Kesem GW will get $10,000 for their individual camps.

Vote for them to win at

You can vote once every day until May 30th with either your Facebook account or your email address.


Last Chance to Win Best Blog

Look at the Winner!

We want to be a winner like him!

If you haven’t voted already, we implore you go vote now!

Washington City Paper’s asking for the best local blog in 2010, and they’re especially looking for newcomers.  That link does the legwork for you, so just enter in your email address!

Voting ends tonight at 11:59pm — so vote now! And tell your friends.

Help FoBoBlo Win “Best Local Blog”


Winning this would be better than winning a hug-able trophy!

If you haven’t already voted for us in Washington City Paper’s “Best of 2010″ poll, please head over there and vote now!

Follow the link to enter for “Best Local Blog/Blogger” under the “People & Places” category.

Vote Here

They close their polls on Monday, March 15th at 11:59pm — which means there’s only one week left to make Foggy Bottom famous for it’s super-hip web presence.  And after you vote, tell your family, tell your friends, tell your enemies! Oh God we want this.