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Get out of the kitchen! They hunt in pairs!

This week a real escalator specialist stops in FoBo, travellers looking for tips, pretty pics, FoBo big-wig SJT stirs up a storm, runners chasing down cancer, and Julia Roberts.

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FoBo in the News

Mike Shaffer's "Whitehouse/Lighthouse" via Washington Post

Relatively quiet week in FoBo — students are hunkered down for finals, or they’ve been tanning on Lisner Beach in Kogan. ¬†Sculpture, novelists, celebrations, and weed inside.

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Weekday Roundup

After a gorgeous weekend of sunshine, mild weather, marathons, tourists, and protests galore, it’s time to get back in the weekly grind.

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Men Smooching and Hugging

We read that some bigoted readers of the Washington Post have been loudly cancelling their subscriptions after WaPo published in print and online an image of two men kissing in a story about marriage equality coming to DC.

Here at, we’d like to make sure we don’t have such angry, hateful, bigots reading our blog either — so allow me to post some hate-be-gone from yesterday’s events.

(One of) The first Gay Couple to Marry in DC

(One of) The first Gay Couple to Marry in DC

FoBo in the News

This week the Corcoran and a cupcakery look to expand, prominent local bloggers get some love, and an ancient secret is revealed.

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